Incorporation of your small business and selecting the correct business structure will provide the liability protection and tax savings to make your business even more successful and profitable. Our accountants will help you understand the process and benefits of incorporating your small business.

Our accounting and tax firm provides the following small business incorporation services:

Our goal is to assist our clients in the incorporation process, help them maximize the tax savings, and achieve flexibility in their expansion and growth.

Call for our FREE consultation to discuss your incorporation choices, so you can achieve the maximum tax savings and the right level of protection for shareholders and owners. Our goal is to have our tax professionals help you choose and maintain the right entity structure which may be an S-corporation, C-corporation, partnership or LLC and continue to do tax planning with our small business professional tax services. Our incorporation process is fast, easy, and affordable.

Understanding the advantages of each type of corporation and entity is an integral part of the incorporation process. The tax accountants sit down with your and explain all the options and help you find the right fit for your small business. Our specialists assist you with every step. After your company is incorporated, then our accounting team with set up initial accounting system and handle all the accounting and bookkeeping functions.

With the proper entity selection, effective income tax planning, and implementation of your business plan, your small business can achieve thousands of dollars in tax savings and deductions.